Mulu Networks has fine-tuned the process of assessing your needs as a business, evaluating your infrastructure and seeing that your system is installed in accordance with industry standards.  Whether it’s a multi-location system or a simple system to get your new business started, our team of experts will guide you in the right direction.


Mulu Networks provides businesses with both NEC and Panasonic product lines.  We will help you find the best solution for your requirements.






Headsets & Cordless headsets: Mulu Networks is pleased to offer both wired and wireless headsets for your office phones. We keep it simple by picking headsets with clear easy features, which makes your decision fast and easy.


On hold marketing: Mulu Networks ability to turn hold time into marketing time is one of the smartest business decisions you can make- it is an easy opportunity to impress your customers, as well as an opportunity to advertise your business.  When customers hear a customized on-hold greeting, they are more likely to feel reassured they have called a capable organization.


Polycoms/ Conference Phones: Our Polycom conference phones will ensure a clear audio quality conference call with multiple parties.


Video Conferencing: Imagine being able to meet face to face with remote colleagues, partners, and customers, without leaving your desk. Polycom Desktop Solutions deliver easy-to-use HD video conferencing, voice, and content collaboration to individuals at all levels of the organization.


Maintenance + Support: We offer for our valued customers Complete Parts and labor coverage for any repair on the defective items covered under Mulu Networks’s maintenance contract.


Paging systems: Are used in a lot of buildings and public places to broadcast messages.  These applications can be found in warehouses, airports, train stations, retail stores, large offices, schools and other educational institutions.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. Internet connection can get phone service delivered through your Internet instead of your local phone company.


This enables companies with multiple offices to create one network, which offers optimal savings and return dollars to your budget.

Call Accounting Software applications are extremely useful tools used to monitor and report a wide variety of telecommunication activity.   Most solutions include the following modules:

  • Call Tracking Software collects incoming and outgoing telephone data generated by the phone system and can be used to control operation expenses, recover costs, allocate project / account expenses and increase employee productivity
  • Call Detail Recording (CDR), Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) or telephone data collected typically includes date, time, call duration, calling/destination parties, call authorization, account code and Caller ID line/trunk information
  • Call Management Software uses this data to provide cost, caller identification, location information and more for report summary and detail generation

The accuracy and execution of a company’s voice and data starts with the right infrastructure. The right cabling will ensure there is no downtime and reinforces speed of the voice and data traffic.

Our experienced technicians install cabling for your phone equipment and data network in order for them to function properly.

Unified communications combines all smart devices into one area. VOIP technology today has allowed us to bring the world together. It enables us to have our desk phone or laptop and smartphone integrated into one! Mulu Networks provides Unified communication for Business and SMB Business.

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Sometimes all you need is the right assessment.

Allow Mulu Networks to perform a complete assessment of all of your Telco suppliers. Our experts will let you know what services best suit your needs and ensure they are being delivered at the best rate.  This will improve the productivity of your business and also keep your finances within budget.


Mulu Networks provides businesses with both NEC and Panasonic product lines.  We will help you find the best solution for your requirements.

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